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What is the difference between a crêpe and a galette? Both originated in Brittany.
Crêpes are made with sugar so they are a dessert. Galettes are savory, which means that they are generally filled with meat, cheese or vegetables. Unlike the crêpe which is made with white flour, the galette is made with buckwheat flour which also happens to be gluten free.
Our galettes are made with buckwheat flour, eggs, water, sunflower oil, honey, salt and pepper.
We only use natural products with no preservatives or additives. This is a special order item, if interested and you live in the Portland area, ask for a quote for order and delivery (minimum 10 galettes)
The maximum experience

Is in the little details

Just a little touch of oil in your pan, put your galettes, warm gently. Suggested fillings for your galettes include:
· Ham, eggs and cheese
· Salmon, heavy cream and lemon
· Chicken, leaks, heavy cream and lemon
Need more ideas? see our blog. Do you want to order some? For yourself, a birthday party or other event? ask for a quote.